Favorite Instagram: early spring 2015 – diamond

Favorite Instagram: early spring 2015 Favorite Instagram: early spring 2015

Project – House BS | Stuttgart | Germany | architects bda: Fuchs, Wacker.

Water has the astonishingly calming property that it not only calms you when you look at it, but also when you hear the sound of water.

8 Interesting Floor to Ceiling Windows Ideas for Modern Houses #dreamhouses Floor to ceiling windows, skylights and retractable walls fill this modern home with natural light.

The private villa is one of Kenya's most exclusive accommodations #villa #luxury #luxuryfurniture #luxuryhome #inte

Container Homes Design Ideas – Interior Design Ideas & Home Decorating Inspiration – moercar

Refuge for a sailor in Bohemia / Waldhaus am See – Architecture and Architects – News / Messages / News –

House P – Munich architecture

Modern facade cladding for an impressive house character – / …

Make a kitchen roof with concrete, concrete mortar on wood. available – amenagement int – #Amenagement #auf #Beton # Betonmörtel #ein


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